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“Quality in the Real World ...” Case Study 1 presents an overview of a multi-million dollar healthcare quality improvement project using the power of multi-dimensional modeling to create a management information system that is transparent, accessible, and actionable. More about pursuing excellence in healthcare ...
On civic engagement ...
Pete’s service on several citizens’ committees looking at municipalization of the City of Boulder’s utility services elicited a reflection on the subject of utility municipalization.
White paper ...
“The Power of Ugliness in our Industry,” a power industry white paper by Pete, as featured on SmartEnergyportal.NET.
Pete’s Page...
A collection of funny and serious musings on topics such as why you should care about the difference between a bit and a byte and why Pete wants to be a Volvo.

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mock forbes cover
Future history: looking "back" from 2026 at developing rule-based information modeling.
link to whitepaper
Real Quality Assurance: An Article for Executive Managers and Administrators
power plant boiler schematic
Find out why a power plant boiler is like a “Chevy With Its Hood Welded Shut.”
link to pdf of paper presented at WM2010
Working Logic: Waste Project Management for the 21st Century, presented at the 2010 WM Conference
link to youtube about school construction
YouTube: Happy Learning Centers. Some perhaps startling facts about school buildings in the U.S.
link to youtube video about implementing business process improvement for school districts
Fraud and Waste Prevention for School Districts by Implementing BPI
Pete as Socrates
Pete’s Blog...
Ramblings and musings by the “Defender of good quality”