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Where does Pete get his ideas? Peruse our bookshelf to see some of his favorite [non-fiction] books. Of course, none of us who know Pete will be surprised to hear that an additional real source of inspiration has been the Discworld science fiction series by Terry Pratchett.

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Selected writings, dating back to 1998.

Risonanza™: AATG's Quantum Monitoring Ushers in the Future of Business Information Modeling Systems. Pete’s a science fiction fan, and future stories are a staple of science fiction This article is a July 16, 2026 “interview” with Valfredo James Segre of Advanced Application Technology Group (AATG). The interview for Forbes magazine takes place on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company. AATG’s breakthrough technology “was” a working rules-based model for large, complex projects that links to the real world, with feedback between them on the status of operations. RMI also has the ability to run “what if” improvement scenarios constantly and check feedback from the real world. Science fiction? Well, we could actually build one of these today.

Municipalization: FDR Comes to Boulder, CO. Pete moved to the City of Boulder, Colorado, just as the community was beginning to contemplate municipalization of its utility services. He served on several citizen's committees looking at various aspects of the idea. The civic conversation has frequently become heated, sometimes to the bewilderment of the subject matter experts who have been volunteering their professional expertise. Here’s Pete’s take on the subject.

Blind Men, Flat World. Why does the final implementation never seem to meet the expectations raised during the planning process? A brief commentary on how the reluctance of engineers and architects to abandon their 2-dimensional comfort zone to work with real-world multi-dimensional models drives up costs and lowers customer satisfaction.

Mega BS. Bits and bytes are units of measurement of information storage, and there are 8 bits to a byte. But it's easy to confuse the abbreviations (b vs. B), and a lot of smart marketing takes advantage of that. What does this mean in the real world? It means that most connectivity claims are highly deceptive, not to say outright lies...

Black and White is Clearer Than Color. This ramble is an interesting and engaging metaphor for the business technology integration work that IDEAS does: sometimes viewing things in black and white reveals more than viewing them in full color. When is less better than more? Read this article to find out.

Leapfrog Technologies. Pete was invited to open the Leapfrog Technologies Trade Show sponsored by the State of New Mexico Economic Development Department in May 2000. In this speech, he lucidly and cogently examines the connectivity status of the state at the beginning of the 21st Century and issues a call for action to promote economic development in the state. The call for action went unheeded: the connectivity status in New Mexico has not changed since 2000 and the economic growth potential has not been realized. The information presented here remains as true today as it was nine years ago. 

Art and Connections. “... the function of art is to do more than tell it like it is — it’s to imagine what is possible.” (bell hooks (b. c. 1955), African American author, feminist, and human rights advocate. Outlaw Culture, ch. 19 (1994)). Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000), artist, activist, ecologist and architectural stylist has been an inspiration to us for many years. Although his work is little known in the United States, it has a devoted international following. Hundertwasser anticipated the field of usability engineering by meticulously designing “happy spaces” for schoolchildren, the elderly, occupants of public housing and everyone else. This page presents some thoughts about, and a collection of photographs of, a district heating plant in Spittelau, Vienna, Austria, whose exterior redesign Hundertwasser completed in 1992. All photos are copyright 2002 DWT, Austria.

On Graduation. This is not so much an article as an editorial: Pete's own, unique perspective on the disgracefully high drop out rate in United States public high schools, triggered by a conversation over a glass of wine with one of our local school board members.

The Art Teacher or the Architect? Who should design your next school building, an art teacher or an architect? This is a humorous take on a serious concern: designing buildings with the impact on occupants in mind.

The Monkey's Number Once upon a time in Rhodesia ...

Healthcare, Obama and My Volvo Wagon Sometimes Pete's brain works in mysterious ways, but sometimes what he says really makes sense anyway.


Teaching to the Choir: an interview about QA in schools, Santa Fe Reporter, December 8, 2012.